Welcome to Hollywood Dudes 100, a blog dedicated to over one hundred years of actors comedians, dancers, singers, thespians, and everything in between who have graced our movie screens, televisions, computers and laptops, and handheld smart devices for as long as we’ve been willing to look at them. 

Incidentally, what do you think Clark Gable would think of someone from 2023 watching Gone with the Wind or Mogambo on a iPhone 14?

Some featured dudes will be very famous, known worldwide, and have timeless appeal. Others will be unfamiliar, perhaps a bit outside the mainstream, but packed a wallop in the cultural arts niche of their expertise. All will be awesome and hopefully pique your interest to learn more about them, their craft, and why they’re still interesting.

Also, cocktails. There will be cocktails. There’s something about a smooth beverage swirling around a swanky glass while watching an old movie that just makes everything seem right in the world. A Saturday night at home with my man, a cold Manhattan, and Sorry, Wrong Number on TV, and I’m a happy dame.

COCKTAIL & MOVIE NIGHT: Featuring the film noir 1948 movie “Sorry, Wrong Number,” starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster. In the glass, a Manhattan

Who I Am

I’m AM, a woman, a mom, a wife, a sometimes writer, an always reader. I have no formal expertise in cinema other than I know what I think is cool and what I think is not. But like you, I love movies, old and new, and fortunately, one does not need to have written a master’s thesis on Expressive Realism in Citizen Kane in order to have an opinion on any movie we’ve seen, including Citizen Kane. We, after all, are the consumers of this media; it was made for us, we bought the ticket, and that alone qualifies each of us to decide on a movie’s merits based on nothing but our own feels. We can love it, hate it, or feel totally indifferent to it and all of it is the right opinion.

Also, we don’t have to be snobs about this. I love Casablanca just as much as I love Jaws. During the holly jolly month of December, It’s a Wonderful Life gets just as much playtime as Bad Santa, in my house and you can rip either movie out of my holiday playlist over my dead body.

Why Hollywood Dudes?

Read about it here. But it has something to do with this poster:

Casablanca, 1942. Warner Bros., Inc.